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How to activate the Alexa Skill and the doorbell

In the following you will find detailed step-by-step instructions about activating the MyDoorbell Skill and enabling "Doorbell Press Announcements".

Recommendation: Use the app to activate the Skill

An extern german version can be found here .

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    Enable the Skill

    After finding the Skill in the Alexa app, activate it.

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    Sign in

    After activating the Skill you will instantly be redirected to our registration page.

    If you do not already have an account, then sign up with your E-Mail, Google or Amazon.

    You can now test the skill for 30 days free of charge

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    If you sign up

    If you do not have an account and you are signing up, you will get an Email to verify your account. Therefore you just need to click on the link in the Email.

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    After the Skill is activated, there will be a short Discovery action. After that (even if it says that there were no new devices found), check your devices and choose "Doorbell".

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    Go to Devices and choose "Doorbird"

    Now go to your Devices and press "All Devices" to find "Doorbird". 

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    Allow "Doorbell Press Announcements"

    Now just allow "Doorbell Press Announcements".

    Moreover you can change your Alexa ringtone under "Doorbell sound".

    After you have finished activating your Skill, wait for the URL, which will be sent to your registered Email address (check the spam bucket), and then continue here .

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