Step 2

In the following you will find detailed step-by-step instructions to link your doorbell with your Alexa after activating the Skill in your Alexa app and getting the URL 

An extern german version can be found here .

  • 1

    Go to settings

    First go to the settings in your Doorbird app

  • 2

    Log in

    Login with your own Doorbird admin login

  • 3

    Find HTTP(S) Calls

    Find "HTTP(S) Calls" and press it

  • 4

    Add an HTTP(S) Call

    Add an HTTP(S) Call and name it how you want.

    Then you just need to paste the link you got from us under "URL" and save it. 

  • 5

    Find "Schedule for doorbell"

    Now go back to the administration and press on "Schedule for doorbell" 

    Addition: For all muliple call button Doorbird devices like the D2102V, D2103V etc. this option can be found under "(Button-) Configuration" in the subcategory "settings". There you can choose for which button on your Doorbid you would like to set up the ringing. Choose this button and find the "Scheduler for actions" there.

  • 6

    Select a category

    Select a category at the left top corner and choose "HTTP(S) Calls" as category. 

  • 7

    Choose the time of day

    Choose the time of day when your doorbell rings should be transfered to your Alexa. 

    For example you can disable the doorbell rings at night.

    Blue = transfer

    Grey = do not transfer

    (in this example Alexa will only ring from 00:00-08:00)

  • 8

    Enjoy your new doorbell!

    If everything worked fine, then the name you chose for your "HTTP(S) Call" previously should be selected automatically in the middle at the top. If not, just select it yourself.

    Just save your administration changes and your devices are successfully linked. 

    If someone rings your doorbell now, your Alexa will ring and tell you about your visitor.

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