MyDoorbell´s main goal is to achieve your comfort.

That is why we offer following features: 

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    Your personal data is safe

    Thanks to our secure logs your data will be stored safe. Using encryptions like OAuth 2.0 we provide secured authentification and authorization. 

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    Fast reaction

    Our SaaS provides fast reaction speed to transfer your doorbell rings to your Alexa. Thats how you will not miss any visitors. 

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    Always available

    No matter when your visitors ring the bell. On your desire the ring will always be transfered to your Alexa. We guarantee our system´s availability. 

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    Personalize you doorbell

    Using our SaaS you can personalize your doorbell using one of many different ringtones provided to you. Moreover you can decide in what time of the day the doorbell rings should be transferd to your Alexa, and when they should not. 

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    Accessible everywhere

    It does not matter where you live. You only need a smart Doorbird or AGFEO doorbell, an Alexa and an internet connection. 

Built on Unicorn Platform